As an organization working with and for the benefit of children and committed to building a community where children are protected and can participate, express their opinions, and act on issues related to themselves, MSD Vietnam has developed a Child Safeguarding Policy aiming to: 

1. Increase awareness among staff and partners about the issues of violence and abuse against children and the risks to children. 

2. Identify risks and suspected cases of child abuse. 

3. Guidelines for conducting investigations into child abuse. 

To fulfill these commitments and ensure the implementation of the Child Safeguarding Policy, especially in preventing and responding to cases of child abuse, MSD Vietnam has issued methods of implementation and codes of conduct between adults and children in their activities. These procedures and rules will support employees, volunteers, sponsors, and partners of MSD Vietnam in understanding their responsibilities in this matter as well as the process for reporting related issues. 

More information can be found at:  MSD Vietnam Child Safeguarding Policy  

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