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Online Talkshow: Extraordinary young people

Hanoi, September 25, 2021 – World Vision Vietnam and Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) organized an online talk show with the theme “Extraordinary young people: Conflict is not Zero – Solving it is Hero”. This was the second event in the series of online talk shows “Extraordinary People” jointly implemented by the two organizations from July to the end of September 2021 to communicate to protect children in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the campaign, “It Takes a World – Finish violence to children in families and schools” initiated by World Vision Vietnam in 2017, “The Extraordinary People” is an initiative to encourage and promote concrete work to all sections of society to contribute to creating a safe, positive and loving environment where every child is fully developed.

At any age, adults or children will more or less encounter troubles and conflicts in relationships and daily life. Resolving conflicts with adults is already challenging, for children, it is even more difficult. The online talk show “Extraordinary young people: Conflict is not Zero – Solving it is Hero” is where experts and guests discuss issues related to the relationship of young people in school and in the online environment, thereby advising and supporting you in how to react and deal with conflicting situations in life.

The analysis and sharing of experts and guests will not only help young people improve their friendships in school and in the online environment, but also play a useful role in helping them orient to positive behavioral style in all relationships throughout adulthood.

The online talk show “Extraordinary young people” had the participation of the following panelists:
– Master Do Thi Trang – Psychologist about school violence.
– YouTuber/Vlogger – 1977 VLOG.
– Representative of students from Nam Tu Liem Secondary School, Hanoi.
The seminar was coordinated by Ms. Chu Thu Ha – Communication Manager, MSD Institute.

Conflict can arise for many reasons

For young people, conflicts can arise for many reasons: both big and small. There are small conflicts, which are resolved quickly. But there are also serious conflicts, causing friendships to fracture, and leaving lasting wounds.

Sharing about the conflicts he has encountered, Anh Tuan – a student at Nam Tu Liem Secondary School – said that although he was lucky, he only had small conflicts with his classmates such as study and group activities in the class, but I also see bigger conflicts in today’s students. YouTuber/Vlogger Nguyen Trung Anh – Vlog – recounted his own conflicts experience with friends and even being bullied and violently while at school.

To know how to handle conflicts effectively, first of all, children, parents, teachers and people need to have a correct and sufficient awareness about the conflicts’ causes.

According to Psychologist Do Thi Trang, “Conflicts have many diverse forms, which can originate from small details in daily life and be pushed to the climax because the parties involved have not had enough goodwill, skills to control emotions and handle conflicts.”

“This is especially true for children when they are young, have not had enough experience, and have not been effectively oriented to look at the problem they are facing in an objective and rational way. In addition, the lack of connection with parents and people around them also makes it more difficult for children to face and handle conflicts on their own”, said Psychologist Do Thi Trang.

Besides, the lack of access to the correct understanding of important concepts in life is also a cause of conflict at any age.

“When they don’t have much experience in life, young people tend to be aggressive, and promote their own perspective, ‘self-righteous’, which leads to inappropriate behaviors with those around them. Especially around friends of the same age. Even when the conflict is cleared up, they find it difficult to say ‘sorry’, forgetting that ‘sorry’ is not bad at all; on the contrary, saying ‘sorry’ shows the spirit of openness, seeking, and striving to become better”, shared by Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh – YouTuber/Vlogger, member of 1977 Vlog.

Dealing with conflicts in school and in the online environment: it is necessary for children to have the skills to resolve and protect themselves.

“Conflict, whether in school or in the online environment, has long-term and serious consequences on children’s lives and maturation, including psychological trauma, depression, trauma, reason, or even death,” said by Psychologist Do Thi Trang.

In all circumstances, the companionship and support of parents, teachers and people around them will contribute to building an appropriate behavioral framework for children, helping them to face and resolve conflicting situations. conflict in a more positive way.

Example: “Parents’ listening and nonjudgment are essential to building trust and connection among family members. So that, instead of hiding and finding ways to solve problems on their own, young people can openly and confidently share with their parents, ‘name their feelings’, and exchange positive perspectives, making the handling of conflicts more convenient”, explained expert Do Thi Trang.

Besides connecting and seeking support from people around you, understanding yourself, including your personality, and behavior style, along with the ability to empathize with the opposite person also contributes to supporting you. Children approach conflict situations in a more peaceful, calm and positive way.

The Vietnamese have a saying, “Courtesy costs nothing”. This saying is especially true in the age of social media and online expression of opinions has become so popular. The easier everything seems, the more each person should remind and train himself to be careful in his use of words. A word you say or share on social media can be a knife that hurts, provokes negative attitudes and emotions, and seriously affects the reputation and life of others. But it can also be a hand outstretched to uplift someone’s life. It is you who decide to make the right choice”, analyzed Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh – YouTuber/Vlogger, a member of 1977 Vlog.

Along with the profound and vivid sharings of experts and guests, the participation of children’s representatives in the Talkshow also left many impressions, giving hope for a dynamically young generation having modern and mature thinking with many skills in assessing and handling conflicts.

“I have also faced negative comments when posting photos and personal information on social networks. This made me sad at first, but over time I learned to only care about comments, interact with loved ones and ignore or delete negative comments. If I encounter more serious bullying and violent situations, I will tell my parents for help.” – Phuong Anh – a student at Nam Tu Liem Secondary School shared.

Anh Tuan – a student at Nam Tu Liem Secondary School excitedly proposed, “Besides the positive aspects, the online environment also has many potential risks of violence against children. It is important that parents and teachers accompany us, to guide, support, and equip us with skills to use the Internet safely and civilly, to help prevent unnecessary risks. the need. This helps us confidently make appropriate behaviors in life, thereby building many beautiful and lasting friendships.”

Closing the online talk show, MC Chu Thu Ha concluded: “We need to admit that conflict is inevitable, and often happens in life and comes in all shapes and sizes. We should not consider children’s conflicts as “small things”, as “Zero” because sometimes these problems can affect your life, psychology and relationships. However, if you face conflicts by listening, mutual respect, and a desire to cultivate a positive relationship, we can absolutely find a way to resolve it, then you can become a “Hero” – heroes help themselves and spread positive energy to everyone. Families and schools should understand our young people, trust them to help them face the challenges and conflicts of life and grow up.”

After the event “Extraordinary young people”, World Vision Vietnam and MSD will continue to organize the event “Extraordinary teachers” to discuss issues related to the role of teachers in teaching and learning which accompany and motivate students to foster positive relationships in the classroom and in the online environment. The event will take place at 8 pm on September 29, 2021, on Fanpage World Vision Vietnam and Lan Toa Yeu Thuong.

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