"In the framework of TECHFEST over the years, with the coordination of MSD, launched many initiatives, find solutions to promote the innovation ecosystem to develop effectively and create positive social impacts.The National TECHFEST Organizing Committee respectfully acknowledges and highly appreciates the efforts and contributions of the Village and MSD."
General Director, National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (NATEC)
Mr. Pham Hong Quat
“We highly appreciate MSD for their responsibility, dedication, creativity, and innovation to meet the expectation of children, families, and the community. With the successes MSD has achieved, when thinking about promoting child rights activities, state agencies always think of MSD."
Vice Director of Child Department, MOLISA
Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga
“United Way of Vietnam (MSD)'s vision and passion to build the community that leaves no one left behind is inspiring. I am confident that its multi-level extensive partnership with cross-sector leaders will strengthen Vietnam's philanthropic ecosystem and improve quality of citizen's life. Thank you for our partnership."
Vice President, Southeast Asia, Korea & Japan, United Way Worldwide
Ms. Hooyung Young
“In the past years, we are very pleased to accompany MSD - a team of enthusiastic, dynamic, and dedicated staff. Not only can we improve our capacity through training courses conducted by MSD, but we also have the opportunites to directly contribute to draft laws, programs, and policies based on our working experience with vulnerable groups, especially children."
Director of Ceporer Hocmon
Ms. Hong To Hue Lan
“United Way of Vietnam (MSD) added valuable expertise and partnerships to Shinhan Square Bridge-Vietnam's living lab model. As we live in unprecedented time with complex global challenges, we need forward-thinking leadership to address social problems. And, United Way of Vietnam (MSD) is a partner of excellence to drive collective action in Vietnam."
Project Manager (PM), Shinhan Financial Group Hope Foundation
Mr. Sun Sukkun
"MSD has impressed us with its proactive, creative, and responsible team of officers, along with outstanding achievements in different activities and projects. MSD acts as an irreplaceable intermediary that connects 3M with the community, especially with groups of the disadvantaged in Viet Nam, helping us come closer to the people and empathize with their needs in order to build more effective and comprehensive social responsibility initiatives. "
Head of Government Affairs and Markets Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar at 3M
Mr Nguyen Minh Duc
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