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PRESS RELEASE: ONLINE TALKSHOW “Caring Power – Caring Communities” – Connecting the power to create community value



Hanoi, August 12, 2021 – Management and Sustainable Development Insitute (MSD) and the Youth Leader United Vietnam organized an online talkshow with the topic “Caring Power – Caring Communities” – Connecting the power to create community value. The program was implemented as a  response to International Youth Day (12/08). It is implemented with support from United Way Worldwide and Shinhan Square Bridge project (Shinhan Future Solutions).

Since 1999, the United Nations General Assembly has designated 12 August each year as International Youth Day, to provide an opportunity to honor youth voices and initiatives, and to call on governments to address the youth problems around the world. In fact, in today’s society, the youth have a special role to play in the global dialogue on whole issues and they are participating in expressing their voice and actions strongly and passionately in the most inspirational ways. Therefore, the program is made as a gift of gratitude and inspiration on International Youth Day to enthusiastic young people, boys and girls who are passionate about social activities and are willing to contribute and dedicate themselves to creating a sustainable Vietnam, leaving no one behind.

The program is conducted through an online meeting application and broadcast live on the fan pages of MSD Vietnam and Youth United Vietnam. The program has the participation of Hanoi Youth Union’s representatives, United Way Organization’s representatives, panelists with many experience’ years in building and implementing social projects and young people from the Young Leaders United. Youth Leaders United 2021, Champions of Change, and Youth Advisory Board, and some teenagers interested in the topic of youth participation in social impact.

In the opening speech, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Linh – Executive Director of MSD shared: “We still say: Youth is only once, but I believe that if that youth is meaningful, once is enough. Live, enjoy and experience your youth, but also don’t forget that you – yourself can make your own youth time meaningful according to the theme message “Caring Power, Caring Communities”. That meaning comes from your awareness and responsibility to yourself, to be able to adapt to the situation, have fun and enjoy yourself, and keep yourself safe. With you living a happy, safe and responsible life, mastering yourself, you have created a positive piece, spreading the power and energy of happiness to the surrounding community. And if more wonderful, the meaning of your youth can show and spread meaningful work to the community, solve problems and create social impact. You are not small individuals, you are the ones who have the power to make a change in the community for Sustainable Vietnam. We hope that not only in today’s program but also in the days to come, your ideas, messages and efforts will be shared, spread and expressed the true spirit of Caring Power, Caring Communities.”

Mr. Tran Quang Hung – Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Youth Organization, and President of the Vietnam Student Union emphasized: “I am very pleased that more and more of the younger devoted to social activities. We live in the digital age, so today’s digital transformation tools bring us a lot of opportunities. If we create volunteer campaigns that use digital tools to expand activities, and many people participate in support, it will bring an element of “snowball”, bringing more impact than one person doing it theirself. Currently, we can do a lot of projects using the data we have and enrich it. We have the tools, the motivation and a community to help us, so let’s try to do it.”

The talk show was followed by sharing from the panelists about the trend of youth activities to create social impact in the world, and the roles and skills to carry out social activities.

Ms. Mei Cobb – Senior Director in charge of Volunteering and Employee Engagement of United Way Worldwide discussed the theme “New Age Youth – Building a Community with a Spirit of Solidarity and Creation”. She said: “Volunteering, and participating in social activities is a way to help spread meaningful and positive messages. Besides bringing a change to the lives of those who are helped, young people participating in social activities can learn new skills, make new friends, and gain valuable experience for themselves. There are many different reasons and motivations for young people to volunteer, but I believe all are good. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can see positive things spread, but this is also a challenge that requires each person to be creative and innovative. Let’s find a balance between personal work, family responsibilities, etc., and volunteering. I believe that young people with enthusiasm, creativity and adaptability can completely do these things.”

Do Thuy Duong – Director of Talent Pool shared: “Volunteering and participating in social activities are a way to learn and grow up. An important lesson is that you will understand the plight of people, we have the opportunity to feel their pain so that when we face problems in our own lives, we will feel fewer difficulties, difficulties will promote creativity and become motivation.”


Ms. Duong also inspired and suggested to young people: “From 20-28 years old is the age when all wishes can come true, as long as you want and dare to challenge. If you have any initiatives, you can absolutely find places having experience you trust such as professional organizations, to guide and do your wishes.”
The talk show is also a place for young people to express their thoughts and desires for social impact activities.
Nguyen Xuan Tien – a representative of the Youth Leader United shared: “In the process of carrying out activities, devoting ourselves to social activities, bringing meaningful change to the community, We – the younger, hope that we will have the courage and persistence to make a positive impact. Besides, we also want to be able to receive support, guidance, orientation and training. We really want to be facilitated by state agencies, schools and social organizations to continue their efforts.”

Hoang – a member of Champions of Change, Hanoi University of Transport, shared about the difficulties when participating in activities: “Students usually only participate for a short period of time. Therefore we have to adapt to the constant change of personnel. However, we do our best so that this will not hinder the club’s activities, and we believe that with the efforts of each member, the club will grow more and more towards a goal beyond the club model. This will be applied with other universities in Vietnam and around the world so that we can move towards gender equality as quickly as possible.”

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tam – Glass bone girl was known and loved for her positivity in social activities expressed: “I always think that I volunteer not to create any miracles, but only for the contribution to life. It doesn’t matter how long we live, it matters how useful we live.”

The young people also asked the panelists many questions such as about the preconception of volunteering as “Housework is lazy, uncle’s work is diligent”; How to apply for projects and social activities without experience; The younger are pressured on career success therefore they belittle volunteering.

Closing the discussion, Ms. Tran Van Anh – Program Director of MSD emphasized: “The development of programs and activities to promote the participation of young people in activities that create social impact is always within MSD’s operating strategy. We hope that the efforts, voices and contributions of young people of the new era will be widely spread in Vietnam, in the region and around the world, so that together we will create a country, a world of sustainable development, and leave no one behind.”

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