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September 24, 2021 – The campaign to support orphans because of COVID-19 named “I am not alone” was launched by local and international NGOs operating in Vietnam’s provinces. This campaign aims to call for support from social resources to provide urgent as well as long-term support for disadvantaged children who have lost a parent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The three organizations participating in this campaign include Saigon Children’s Charity (saigonchildren), Management and Sustainable Development (MSD), and CSWC.

According to estimates of the education industry, only HCMC had 1,517 children at all levels of education who have been orphaned because of COVID in the past few months. This number is much larger if children are not included in the education system and in other provinces and cities of the country. In addition to the government’s support, the participation of NGOs specializing in supporting children is essential in concentrating resources for transparent and efficient allocation.

Children who have lost a parent are at risk of serious psychological trauma if being without appropriate support, which can have long-term effects on their mental health as well as their chances of succeeding in life. In particular, children who previously belonged to disadvantaged families and now lose their parents making them the main economic source for the family. They will need urgent material support, in addition to a commitment to long-term emotional and educational support.

The campaign “I’m not alone” aims to support disadvantaged children due to COVID-19 in the network of participating organizations, and open an application for the community to send information about Orphans to help at

“I am not alone” aims to not only focus on supporting children financially but also to take care of them spiritually. With diverse experience and expertise in social activities, participating organizations can help children cope with the trauma of bereavement, provide responsible counseling on issues surrounding their lives and educate, encourage, and support children to develop themselves, as well as create a safety net to support children in the absence of a parent. In other words, the cooperation of organizations helps children overcome the psychological shock of losing a parent, and prevents this tragedy from affecting their potential.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Linh – Executive Director of MSD: “This is really a community issue that all parties need to join hands to solve. Carrying out the mission of the organization and ensuring that no child is left behind, MSD recognizes its responsibility as well as social organizations in participating in the “I am not alone” campaign. We hope this will be a necessary effort so that the orphans by COVID-19 will have extra support so that the disadvantaged but not alone children can feel the support and affection of the community and society, accompanying them in the process of overcoming pain, adversity and growing up.”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc – Director of CSWC, said: “The orphans due to COVID need immediate support in terms of psychological stability, food and safe accommodation. Long-term support is education and respite care tailored to each child’s circumstances. CSWC greatly appreciates being invited to participate in this campaign as we have had the opportunity to work with a team of professional fundraising and communication staff from saigonchildren, MSD, and importantly, we can contribute. helping children in special circumstances orphaned by Covid.”


About Saigon Children’s Charity (saigonchildren): A non-governmental organization registered in the UK since 1992 and operating entirely in Vietnam. With the mission of removing barriers to education for disadvantaged children, saigonchildren operates in many provinces and cities in Vietnam, with four main programs: Building schools and improving the school environment, Scholarships Child Development, Vocational and Skills Training, and Special Education. Since 2020, saigonchildren is also directly involved in emergency support for victims affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and floods in the central region.

Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) As a Vietnamese NGO, MSD strives to act for a favorable development environment for the development of social organizations and promote the realization of the rights of marginalized and marginalized community groups. vulnerable groups, especially children, young people, women and people with disabilities. Currently, MSD is recognized as a leading organization in coordinating, supporting and providing capacity-building, training and consulting services to civil society organizations in Vietnam. In addition, MSD is also a professional organization that effectively responds to the needs and protects the rights of disadvantaged communities, including promoting gender equality, through programs, projects and provision of services. services to support children, young people, women, immigrants and people with disabilities, etc. in Vietnam.

CSWC: A Vietnamese non-profit social organization, committed to striving for a society where every woman and child is respected. , equality and sustainable development. Mission: Improving the quality of life, promoting equal rights, respect and opportunities for sustainable development of disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children in society through providing support services, capacity building and policy advocacy.

For more information, please contact:

(Ms) Truong Thuy Ngan

Communication Management – Saigon Children’s Charity

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(Ms) Chu Thu Ha

Communication Management – MSD

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