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People in Giang B Village will be able to use the clean water soon

After nearly 10 days of launching, the program “Water Ambassador – Join hands to ‘carry’ clean water to the people of Giang B village” has reached its goal with VND 150,002,010, which is equivalent to 67,859 donations through Trai tim MoMo and 1,333,343 Golden Pigs through Heo Dat MoMo. The golden pigs are equivalent to 246,825 donations through Heo Dat MoMo, which is very meaningful to the people of Giang B village because it is an encouragement for them to believe that they are always supported and not left behind, especially in the current stressful epidemic situation.

The raised money will be used to build a new clean water supply system and repair people’s old water pipes, specifically: 1 upstream water filter tank 1m wide, 1.5m long and 1m high, 2 m; maintain and repair of the old domestic water supply system, including 1 water pipeline from upstream to a residential area with a length of 3000m and 1 concentrated water tank in a residential area with a volume of 8m³. At the same time, people are also guided to use and maintain the works.

Sincere thanks to MoMo E-Wallet Application for accompanying & supporting the program, bringing “Freshwater – Healthy all year round” to the people of Giang B village.

The campaign is jointly implemented by the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) and the Research Initiative for Community Development (RIC) with the support of the MoMo E-wallet Online Payment Application.

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