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Challenge launching: Happy summer – Together we fight COVID

Summer of 2021 is a very special holiday for almost every child since COVID-19 is still unpredictable. Both children and adults have to stay at home and avoid going out or gathering in order to ensure the safety of themselves and the community. Playing spaces for children are limited and this may lead to children spending more time using digital devices such as television, and mobile phones,… or children may get bored and be psychologically influenced.

On the other hand, summer vacation at home is also a chance to connect children with their families. Responding to the National Action Month for Children 2021, the Child Affairs Department of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, in cooperation with Management and Sustainable Development (MSD), launched the challenge “Happy Summer – Together we fight COVID” with the aim of creating a better connection such wonderful memories between children and parents and concurrently, giving presents with the total value which is up to 10,000,000 VND.


⏳ Duration: June 4th 2021 – June 28th 2021

?‍?‍?‍?  Candidates scale: Children (under 16) with parents, grandparents and caregivers



Parents, grandparents and caregivers, together with children, do the daily activities at home such as playing, studying, exercising, and doing house chores,… and share the situations through photos, clips, presentations, stories, etc. about those activities. For example, parents play, practice with children, tell children stories, guide children to do housework, create toys, or instruct them to do an interesting activity which is helpful for children’s growth.

Forms of participation: Optional and flexible, according to the ideas of attendees. Participants may use presentation, performance (singing, dancing, telling story, playing, etc), short movies, documents, interviews, posts with attached photos, etc.



Step 1: Create a good participating post.

Step 2: Upload the post on the private Facebook account (Public). We encourage the participants to join the group “Chuyen nha minh – Hanh trinh cung con khon lon) and attach the hashtags: #Gia_đình_nghỉ_hè_vui_Cùng_đẩy_lùi_Covid, #MSDVietnam, #Tháng_Hành_động_Vì_Trẻ_em_2021

Step 3: Share the link to the post to Fanpage Lan Toa Yeu Thuong through inbox or email:


? GIFTS FOR PARTICIPATION: The 50 first participating posts which meet the standards will be selected to be posted on Fanpage Lan toa yeu thuong and Group Chuyen nha minh. Participants with the selected posts will receive a present valued 200,000 VND from the organizers


– For videos/photos: good quality including clear images and sounds, participants may use the effects
– Clear message and content, which presents the spirit of the challenge
– All of the participants in the post are willing to join
– There is no limit to the number of participating posts
– The content of the post must not violate any legal regulations; do not go against Vietnamese customs and ethics; do not relate to political and religious issues; do not provide any false information; do not present any gender-based prejudices; do not present discrimination.
– Posts with images of children should not reveal children’s private parts and ensure that children’s rights are not violated; children agree to join (with children above 7)
– The individual who provides the participating posts must be the producer of the post and he/she has to be legally responsible for the accuracy and copyrights.
– The organizers will not be responsible for any competition about copyrights or related and arose benefits to the posts

– The organizers are allowed to use the participating posts for communication purposes, not for profit purposes.


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