Water has always been an indispensable source of human life. For people living in urban areas, the use of clean water is taken for granted. However, for people in Ta Lao village, Ta Long commune, Da Krong district, Quang Tri province, clean water is still a luxury.

The water supply system for people in the village has been severely damaged after the historic flood of 2020 and there is still no solution to fix it. Without clean water, people’s daily life is seriously affected. The use of contaminated water causes serious diseases such as diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, eye pain, kidney stones, etc. In order to have drinking water, families have to walk 2-3 km of mountain roads to get access to water and carry water from the stream to use. Especially in the dry season, people have to queue and divide each bucket of water.

In response to World Clean Water Day – March 22, 2021, let’s join hands with MSD, Research Center for Community Development Initiatives – RIC Vietnam and MoMo Wallet to raise a fund of 80,000,000 VND for the campaign “Ambassador of Water – Clean Water" Ta Lao village." The money raised will be used to build a self-flowing water supply system for each household, and to renovate, upgrade or build a new system of water tanks for households. at Ta Lao, manual clean water, save water, protect water resources, maintenance and protection of the people.

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