Being one of the most difficult village in Suoi Giang, Van Chan, Yen Bai, the living conditions of people in Giang B Village is extremely poor with 477 households and 95% of people here are H'Mong – an ethnic minority in Vietnam. Besides, due to the shortage of clean water, people are using the water resources that do not match the quality standard which may not good for people's health.

Now, the water supplement system in the village has broken. That is why the clean water upstream are unable to reach residential area. Besides, at schools, teachers and students are using the unqualified water for their daily functions. This long-lasting situation has led to many problems in which there are some diseases like lithic, gynecology, digestive disease, especially for children and women.

Within the framework of the Water Ambassador program, the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD), in collaboration with the Center for Support Initiatives and Community Development (RIC Vietnam), developed to raise VND150,000,000 on MoMo Heart and 1,333,333 Golden Pigs on MoMo Golden Pig to build a clean water supply system including 01 upstream water filter tank 1m wide, 1.5m long and 1.2m high; repair the old water supply system including 01 water pipeline from upstream to a residential area with a length of 3000m and 01 concentrated water tank in a residential area with a volume of 8m3. Residents will also be instructed on how to use and maintain the work.

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▪︎ MoMo Golden Pig:…/cung-msd-va-ric-gop-heo-vang-cong…

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