Water is a precious and essential resource for humans. However, the source of clean water is not endless and reality shows that today, many people do not have clean water to use. For people in Thanh Tri B hamlet, Da Loc commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh province, clean water is a luxury.

As a result of saltwater intrusion, frequent water shortages and lack of drainage facilities, the lives of people in the hamlet are greatly affected. Lack of clean water for daily use also causes infectious diseases and trachoma in children in the hamlet. In addition, people have to spend a lot of money to buy water to use and families without economic means have to accept the use of dirty and contaminated water.

Let’s join hands with MSD, RIC Vietnam Community Development Initiative Research Center and MoMo E-Wallet to raise VND 150,000,000 through MoMo Heart and 2,500,000 Golden Pigs through MoMo Piggy Bank to bring clean water to Thanh Tri B hamlet. the money raised will be used to build a 1000m water pipeline connected to the commune’s clean water supply system, install a water meter and direct water to the household’s cistern, provide instructions on how to use clean water, save water, protect water sources, maintain and protect works for people.

Visit the campaign “Water Ambassador – Join hands to bring the country back to Thanh Tri B hamlet"

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