“Safe and smart digital technology for Asia – Promoting digital information security, citizenship and choice of Asian online consumers" project

– Project period: From March 1, 2019, to November 15, 2020

– Sponsor: The Asia Foundation

– Objectives of the project:

▪︎ Building a network of a safe and smart digital Vietnam including CSOs and individuals with related fields of activity; and

▪︎ Create a representative group that is aware of the importance of digital consumer protection in Vietnam’s digital economy and can shape public policy and policy ideas in this space

Main activities of the project

▪︎ Conduct a survey on “Behavior and risks of online consumption of children and young people in Vietnam" to assess the behaviors and risks that children and young people in Vietnam may face when consuming online products.

▪︎ Organized 4 expert panel discussions on Smart and Safe Digital Technology for Asia, including:

FD1: Protect Internet users, receive information safely – share information properly

FD2: Misinformation – Causes and effects on Internet users

FD3: Online games and social networks, rights and responsibilities of businesses in providing services for children

FD4: Financial and economic fraud risks for Internet users

▪︎ Organize youth consultation workshop on risky behaviour when consuming online of Vietnamese youth

Outcomes of the project

The project has given survey results including:

● Findings on:

▪︎ Habits, consumption behavior and demand for online products of young consumers

▪︎ Risks of young people’s online consumption

▪︎ Young people’s reaction and perception to threats when consuming online

● Recommendations from government agencies, businesses/units providing online consumption products/services

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