SDGs Research

The project coordinates with the government and relevant parties to conduct research on sustainable development and the operating environment of Social Organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam.

The project includes two main activities:

(i) conduct surveys, in-depth interviews and case studies for research on Sustainable Development and activities of Civil Social Organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam

(ii) collect input survey samples for the Doing Good Index report every 2 years.


Through collecting information, conducting surveys and extensive social research, MSD has actively participated in the sustainable development process in Vietnam. Data sources from MSD in particular and social organizations in general play an important role in analyzing, monitoring and supervising progress in implementing sustainable development goals at the local and national levels. At the same time, with significant contributions to the report on the participation of social organizations, MSD contributes to analyzing and enhancing the role and responsibilities of this unit, thereby creating a premise for building policies and implementation of sustainable development programs in our country.


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