Increased Accountability to Eliminate Violence and Discrimination Against Children with Disabilities (AVAC)

The project aims to raise awareness and enhance skills related to positive discipline and child abuse prevention among children, parents, caregivers, and the community. It employs various strategies such as training courses, publications, products, community events, and social media campaigns. The specific goals of the project include:

– Capacity building for individuals and children: The project focuses on providing knowledge and skills related to child protection and child participation. This includes empowering children, including those with disabilities, as well as their parents and caregivers, with the necessary tools to understand and safeguard against child abuse.

– Empowering social organizations and networks: The project works towards building the capacity of social organizations and networks, including those representing people with disabilities. The aim is to enable these organizations to effectively raise children’s voices and address issues related to physical and mental punishment, as well as online harassment.

– Support from the state and relevant stakeholders: The project advocates for the support and promotion of children’s meaningful participation and protection of their rights in both offline and online contexts. This involves engaging with the state and other stakeholders to create an environment that safeguards children’s rights and encourages their active involvement in various settings such as family, school, community, and online platforms.

Overall, the project seeks to create a comprehensive approach to child protection and positive discipline by equipping individuals, organizations, and stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and skills. It aims to foster a supportive environment where children’s rights are upheld, and their voices are heard and respected.



Children are trained and improve their capacity


Parents underwent positive educational training


CSOs are trained and improve their capacity on children's rights management


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