A new life page

The project aims to promote birth rights for children in difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City, implemented by MSD from 2014 to present to support vulnerable groups of children in difficult circumstances in obtaining a Birth Certificate is intended to open a “new page in the life" of a citizen with full related rights and obligations.

The project implements the right to birth registration for children in difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City through two main directions:
– Raise awareness and capacity of social organizations and communities about birth rights and exercise them in accordance with Vietnamese law and propose amendments to policies and friendly judicial processes support the implementation of the right to be born for every child.​
– Increase access to consulting services and legal support for children in difficult circumstances to have access and support with birth certificates.



Children in difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern region can get birth certificates


Children and families in difficult circumstances are supported with nutrition, hygiene, access to education and healthcare


“A child's life begins with a birth certificate.”

According to statistical data of the report "Survey of sustainable development goals on Vietnamese children and women" conducted by the General Statistics Office in 2020 - 2021. Across the country, 98.1% of children under 5 years old have been registered with birth certificates, of which 97.2% have birth certificates. Thus, there are still thousands of children without birth certificates.
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