Prevention of child sexual abuse project in Lam Dong commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city 

– Project duration: 1 year from July 2018

– Partner: Damen Song Cam Shipyard

– Objective of the project: The project aims to raise awareness of children from kindergarten to secondary school about the prevention of sexual abuse and to improve understanding, as well as the responsibilities of parents and babysitters; teachers; local authorities and other stakeholders in the protection of children. MSD plays the role of capacity-strengthening training for local key staff (volunteers from universities, staff working in Damen….) to retrain children and people in the commune about preventing sexual abuse. Simultaneously, MSD will support key staff to carry out a communication campaign on awareness-raising in the commune.

– Project beneficiaries:

▪︎ 1,164 children in kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools in Lam Dong commune.

▪︎ Parents and babysitters of 200 households residing in Lam Dong commune.

▪︎ Officials of the Commune People's Committee and unions and socio-political organizations in the commune.

▪︎ Communication officer of Damen Company.

▪︎ Other stakeholders involved in child protection work in Lam Dong commune.

– Specific activities of the project

▪︎ Step 1: Survey of awareness related to preventing child sexual abuse in Lam Dong Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong city.

▪︎ Step 2: Analyze the survey and develop training content.

▪︎ Step 3: Training on essential knowledge and skills on child sexual abuse and recruiting key local staff to participate in the training of trainers (TOT) on this topic.

▪︎ Step 4: TOT on prevention of child sexual abuse and communication skills.

▪︎ Step 5: Organize communication events to raise awareness & call for the participation of stakeholders.

▪︎ Step 6: Organize the peak month on the prevention of child sexual abuse in Lam Dong commune.

▪︎ Step 7: Evaluate & summarize the project.

▪︎ Step 8: Propose an intervention model.

– Project outputs

▪︎ 20 – 25 local trainers and media officers were trained in child sexual abuse prevention.

▪︎ 1,164 children in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Lam Dong commune were trained on knowledge and skills to prevent child sexual abuse.

▪︎ Parents and babysitters of 200 households were propagated to raise awareness about the prevention of child sexual abuse.

▪︎ The local government, Damen and related parties were committed to participating in preventing child sexual abuse in the commune.

▪︎ 01 set of training materials was developed, including the following contents: 1) General knowledge on prevention of child abuse and 2) Methods of TOT on preventing child sexual abuse.

▪︎ 04 lesson plans of the trainers (01 for kindergarten; 01 for primary school; 01 for secondary school; 01 for parents and babysitters) on child sexual abuse prevention.

▪︎ 01 survey report, 01 post-training report & 01 project summary report were built.

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