Leave No One Behind Partnership – Making Voices Heard and Count

– Project duration: September 28th, 2020 to 2023

– Location: Vietnam

– Member of LNOB network: MSD, AAV, CBM Vietnam, Childfund Vietnam, FCM, Helvetas, HRS, IDEA, WWF, Towards Transparency, Plan International Vietnam, Save the Children, World Vision International, VUFO

– Objectives of the project: Empower vulnerable communities by implementing the sustainable development goals

Expected deliverables and outcomes at the national level

– Agreed with duty bearers/governments at the national level on an officially recognized basis for the operation of participatory spaces and feedback mechanisms that give voice and agency to marginalized communities and bring together civil society with local and national authorities around the SDG progress.

– Agreed with duty bearers/governments at the national and sub-national levels on new approaches for monitoring / reporting on SDG progress, with the involvement of the most marginalized groups

– Agreed with duty bearers/governments at the national level on a process to build capacities of local government authorities and local civil society representatives to allow for a collaborative collection of SDG monitoring data to close knowledge gaps of official monitoring

Partners at the national level will work towards

– Implemented representative research/data generation in different municipalities/cities across the country where the LNOB members work, focusing on the inclusion and empowerment of marginalized groups in national SDG implementation

– Integrated the produced evidence in official monitoring and reporting as a complementary source of information

– Used the evidence to produce concrete recommendations for policies and services that are capable of addressing the situation of marginalized populations in their local context.

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