On March 22, 2021, with the companionship of MoMo E-Wallet, Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) and RIC successfully raised a fund of 80,000,000 VND to build a water supplement system in Ta Lao, Ta Long, Da Krong, Quang Tri Province.

Right after receiving the donation, MSD and RIC contacted the people in the village and authorities to develop the plan, investigate the reality, make up the financial estimation, and consult on the construction techniques. Now, the work has been completed and people in the village are able to use the qualified water resources.

Besides, in addition to the money raised, the works in Ta Lao also received other support. Therefore, MSD Institute and RIC Center supported another construction of clean water systems for Ruoc village, Ta Long commune, Da Krong district, Quang Tri province. The reverse village is also a disadvantaged village of Ta Long commune with 41 households living, of which there are 19 poor households, 4 near-poor households and 100% of the population is Van Kieu ethnic people. Just like in Ta Lao village, the water supply system for people in the reverse village has been damaged almost entirely after the historic flood of 2020. In order to have water for domestic use, households are using water sources with poor hygiene in drilled wells, and polluted water creeks near production areas.

With the remaining money after supporting Ta Lao village, MSD Institute, and RIC Center will support the people of the reverse village to repair 1 watershed filter: renovating to prevent water leakage; upgrading 10 water tanks in residential areas; replacing broken pipes, replacing elbows, faucet valves and lifting posts from upstream.

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