Hanoi, April 4, 2021, the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD), in collaboration with the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights (VACR), organized an event for parents “You’re safe now, my child!" The event is an activity for a series of community events that are carried out sequentially in districts in Hanoi with the aim of raising awareness of parents and social workers focusing on children and the community about child-friendly justice processes and how to intervene when children are sexually abused.

The event was attended by representatives of local authorities, representatives of MSD and the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights, and parents. Ms. Nguyen Hai Anh – Child protection expert, made sure that parents and caregivers had more information and knowledge related to how to handle and collect evidence to seek legal help and support when a child is sexually abused and knowledge of a friendly judicial process when a child is sexually abused. Besides, the program also gives parents a more realistic visualization of how to handle child abuse situations through short situations demonstrated by Volunteers.

The series of community events for parents will continue to take place on April 11, 2021 in Chuong My district, Hanoi and on April 18, 2021 in Ba Vi district, Hanoi. The event is part of the Project “Supporting access to justice for sexually abused children in Hanoi" sponsored by the Justice Initiative Promotion Fund (JIFF) – a component of the ODA Project “Strengthening the legal system". Law and Justice in Vietnam – EU JULE” funded by the European Union.

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