After only 1 month since its implementation, MSD and Superman Family – CPFAV successfully raised funds for the campaign “Give 100 gifts to families with children with cerebral palsy in the Central Highlands" with a total value of 150,000,000 VND.

Sincere thanks to MoMo E-Wallet App for accompanying and supporting us to implement this campaign, and sincere thanks to more than 32,000 MoMo Wallet users for joining hands with us. The gift given is a part of society’s compensation for the children, a great encouragement to the families who are persevering every day and every hour on the road to find their footsteps and smiles again.

For us, the most meaningful thing is not only that young families with cerebral palsy in the Central Highlands will be given some support to overcome the difficult period of the COVID-19 epidemic, but also the encouragement and support. The sympathy and companionship of many benefactors and Wallet Momo with young families with cerebral palsy, so that families believe that they are always cared for, supported, and not left behind. Every support is appreciated! For MSD and the Vietnam Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy, we also firmly believe in continuing our efforts to accompany young Vietnamese families with cerebral palsy.

We sincerely look forward to society continuing to join hands for a better life for children with cerebral palsy across the country.

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