The atmosphere of New Year’s Day is still bustling everywhere, but for families with children with cerebral palsy in the Central Highlands, life is still very difficult when it comes to taking care of them and working at the same time to ensure life – especially when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out again.

With MSD, Vietnam Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy – Superman Family – CPFAV join hands to donate 150,000,000 VND through MoMo E-Wallet to give 100 gifts to 100 families with children with cerebral palsy in 4 provinces Highlands region.

Each gift includes food (rice, eggs, milk, cooking oil,…), soap, toothpaste, brush, mask, diapers, etc. It is expected to be used for about 1 month for each household. family of 4-5 people. Any donation, even if it’s only 1,000, 2,000 VND, will give strength and partly share the burden with families, as well as send the message “Never leave your children behind!"

How to donate through MoMo Heart:

1️⃣ Access the fundraising campaign “Give 100 New Year gifts to families with children with cerebral palsy in the Central Highlands" on the MoMo App at: https://momoapp or scan the QR Code in the attached photo

2️⃣ Click “Donate” –> enter the desired amount -> Click “Donate” and you can contribute a gift for the children. Cerebral palsy in the Central Highlands region

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