Strategic Objectives in 2020 – 2024

MSD coordinates and implements several programs and projects to inspire CSOs, promote sustainability in businesses, and help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These are our strategic objectives.


Coordinate and implement programs and projects that contribute to the implementation of sustainable development goals in programs on:

(1) Education, protection and development of children and youth;

(2) Livelihood and job creation in the new age for youth, women and vulnerable communities;

(3) Environmental health protection for the community.

CSOE – CSO Empowerment toward Development effectiveness and SDGs implementation

MSD tries to enhance development effectiveness for CSOs through

(i) building capacity and promoting CSOs’ good practice on good governance, transparency, accountability, and resource mobilization and SDGs strategy and implementation;

(ii) building an online/ digital hub/resource to create a learning and sharing culture among CSOs and other stakeholders;

(iii) Creating an eco-system to provide services for newly start-up CSOs and developing CSOs for better and effective changes;

CSOA – CSO Advocacy for Enabling environment

MSD contributes to improve enabling environment for CSO development and contribution to SDGs through

(i) build capacity of policy advocacy for CSOs and governmental officers;

(ii) networking CSOs and connecting them with other stakeholders;

(iii) doing evidence-based research for advocacy;

(iv) advocate for CSO’s enabling legal framework.


Research, provide technical support and promote the participation of business in responsible activities, development philanthropy towards the sustainable development; Develop sustainable business models and child-friendly businesses; connect business partnership with sustainable development goals.

Business - CSR/CSV: Creating shared value program with business partners

MSD promotes CSOs’ equal partnership with multi-development actors, especially private sector. MSD focuses on promoting CSO – Private sector partnership in addressing SDGs through capacity building CSOs and Business on Corporate Social Responsibility, Creating Shared Values and promoting Creating Shared Value partnership between sectors to promoting SDGs, focusing on Goal 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 16 and Child-friendly business model.

Strategically, MSD is in cooperating with some Chambers of Commerces and Associatons to build capacity and connection between CSOs and Business on promoting CSV programs on Childright Program, Education, Environment, Sustainable Consumption and Water and Health program.


Research, build and strengthen the capacity, participation and contribution of civil society organizations (CSOs) and stakeholders to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and advocate for a favourable development environment for the development of CSOs.

Child development program - Child rights and Youth governance

MSD promote child rights education and child rights governance to children, CSOs, schools and families through providing capacity building and social campaigns on Child rights education, Ending physical and humiliating against children (PHP), Child sexual abuse prevention, Children and youth online safety, promoting innovative education, Prevention of Co-dependency and Addiction and other child development and participation issues.

Focusing on Youth, MSD promote Teens and Youth role and leadership in the Digital Age and contribution to Sustainable Development Goals MSD has used innovative approaches and creative methods to educate the public through its diversified channels of comics, application games, flash-card, clips, songs, and dance, and in multi-channels of media and social media. In some recent campaigns, MSD can outreach up to 1 million accounts.

Children and Youth Justice and Legal Assistance

MSD supports disadvantaged children by working with legal assistance agencies to claim their rights. The focus of this area is to support disadvantaged children and youth to have personal documents to be able to assess public services.

Policy advocacy for child rights and youth rights governance

MSD is the national coordinator of the Child-rights governance network to advocate for child rights and youth rights issues in Vietnam in national and international levels.

MSD works closely with Child Department of MOLISA, National Embassy and Youth Union to provide criticism and advices to promote child rights and youth rights in Vietnam.

The sustainable development goals MSD focus on:

SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG6, SDG8, SDG9, SDG10, SDG11, SDG16, SDG17.

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