“Girls are in more danger when going out than boys; I am not worried about boys because boys are braver than girls and girls are weaker than boys” (Shared by a mother/father according to the Girl’s Safety in public places and on public transport survey report implemented by Plan International Vietnam in 2014)

Currently, MSD is implementing the project “Safer cities for girls in Hanoi" sponsored by Plan International, aimed at preventing harassment and abuse of girls and women in transport vehicles, public places, and bus stops, and encouraging victims and witnesses to report these acts.

Time: Expected in July 2020

Sponsor and Coordinator: Plan International Organization

– Project objectives:

▪︎ LGBTIQ+ group, boys, and girls have attitudes and behaviors consistent with gender equality and girls’ rights.

▪︎ Transgender youth groups effectively cooperate with civil society organizations to contribute to building a safe and friendly city.

▪︎ Parents/caregivers support and act to improve girls’ safety in public and on vehicles.

▪︎ District, city and central government units join and act together to improve girls’ safety in public places and on public transport.

▪︎ Transport staff support girls’ safety when using buses.

– Outstanding activities of the project:

▪︎ Organize training sessions for youth, journalists, teachers, and transport staff on gender equality, gender sensitivity and gender violence.

▪︎ Collect data to evaluate the implementation of policy programs at central and local levels

▪︎ Organizing media events

▪︎ Make video clips, and cartoons containing the project’s message

▪︎ Hold youth consultation sessions on related programs and policies

– Expected results:

▪︎ Organized 54 training classes for boys, girls and LGHTIQ+ groups; 2 training courses for 50 reporters on gender equality and gender sensitivity in the media; 15 training courses and 2 TOT training courses for relevant officials to use Plan’s materials; 13 training courses for 400 transport staff on gender equality and gender-based violence against girls in public places. At the same time, training 650 teachers of 26 middle and high schools on gender equality and gender violence.

▪︎ Organized 27 media events organized by girls; 26 media events aimed at more than 60,000 parents/carers; 06 communication sessions towards 1000 bus staff in Hanoi.

▪︎ Organize 06 consultation sessions with youth on related programs and policies.

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