The campaign is in progress on MoMo Golden Pigs. You can click the link below to donate:


With the support and companionship of MoMo E-Wallet, Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) successfully completed 2 fundraising campaigns on MoMo Heart: 150.000.000 from April 27, 2021 and 50.000.000VND from April 29, 2021. Thanks to the sympathy of philanthropists, both campaigns finished within 10 days with 99,089 donations, which was equivalent to 200.014.020 VND

Besides, MoMo E-wallet committed to sponsoring 45.000.000 for the project. This once again affirmed the determination to join hands with A New Life Page project of MoMo

All the donations will be used to prepare documents, identify personal identity, take the ADN test (if necessary) as well as the expense for social workers, lawyers, disadvantaged families, gift packages for children, etc.

Sincerely thanks to MoMo E-Wallet and philanthropists for accompanying us on the journey to get birth certificates for children which may open a life page for them. Every donation has a particular value in realizing the dream of children. 

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