In 15 days since its launch, the fundraising campaign “Water Ambassador – Clean water to Thanh Tri B hamlet" has completed its goal of raising a total amount of VND 150.002.010, which is equivalent to 68,570 donations on MoMo Heart.

The campaign is implemented by the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) and the Research Center for Initiatives for Community Development (RIC) with the support of the MoMo E-wallet Online Payment Application.

The donation will be used to build a 1000m water pipeline connecting to the commune’s clean water supply system, install a water meter and lead water to a household’s storage tank. Besides, people will receive a guide on how to use clean water, protect water sources, and maintain and protect work.

Sincerely thanks to MoMo E-Wallet Application for accompanying & supporting the program, bringing “Fresh Water – Healthy Year-round" to the people of Thanh Tri B hamlet.

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