On June 1, the Prime Minister passed Decision No. 830/QĐ-TTG approving the program for protection and support for children to interact safely and creatively on the internet in the period of 2021-2025. The goals of the program include: Protecting private information of personal life, and personal information of children when they approach news on the Internet or participate in online activities, preventing and handling any form of exploitative behaviors towards children on the Internet, providing digital knowledge and skills for children so that they are able to protect themselves and interact safely on the Internet. The program also informs the community and focuses on targeted audiences such as parents, teachers, and caregivers about the knowledge and skills to support, as well as orient children to use the Internet healthily. 

Besides, the Ministry of Information and Communication also passed Decision No. 716/QĐ-BTTTT about the establishment of a children’s protection and rescue network on the Internet. The network plays an important role as an interdisciplinary organization to support the Ministry of Information and Communication in promoting the effect, the efficiency of state management and the implementation of preventing child abuse on the Internet, enhancing social awareness and creating a safe network environment for children. The network involves state agencies, press agencies, socio-political organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc.

With diverse experience implementing programs about protection, education and communication of online safety skills, Management and Sustainable Development Institute is honored to be a member of the network and we commit to a common goal, which is to make sure that every child is safe on the Internet.

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