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The LNOB Partnership aims to mainstream a scalable and broadly applicable approach for a more inclusive and evidence-driven SDG implementation worldwide, with a focus on the empowerment of marginalised groups. LNOB Vietnam was established in 2017 and coordinated by chi Thao – ActionAid in Vietnam as country lead from 2017 – 2020. MSD have elected to play as Country Lead since June 2020.

There are now 15 members in the network including ActionAid, CBM, ChildFund, FCM, Helvetas, Human Rights Space, IDEA, Plan Internatinal, Save the Children, WorldVision, WWF, NGO-VUFO Resource centre and MSD. As per joint discussion of 15 LNOB members, the objectives of the LNOB network in 2020 – 2023 are:

• Implemented representative researches / data generation in different municipalities/cities across the country where the LNOB members work, focusing on the inclusion and empowerment of marginalised groups in national SDG implementation

• Integrated the produced evidence in official monitoring and reporting as a complementary source of information

• Used the evidence to produce concrete recommendations for policies and services that are capable of addressing the situation of the marginalised populations in their local context.

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