The handbook guide “Working with street youth” is the output of the project “Change for a better life”, which is for street youth in Ho Chi Minh City and sponsored by The United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat). The purpose of the project is to assist street youth in overcoming their past and going toward a better life through career orientation activities ; to develop the capacity of knowledge and skills.

The handbook is an initial reference for anyone who desires to support street youth better.

The handbook objectives:

  1. To contribute to the little reference source of children and street youth in Vietnam.
  2. To help volunteers, social workers (street educators) have the information and the most basic skills in better accessing and supporting street youth.

Who can use the handbook:

First of all, the handbook is designed for project volunteers to help get information and basic skills while working with street youth.

In addition, the handbook is also for social workers, volunteers, who have worked with street youth.

The handbook structure:

The handbook is divided into three sections with the following contents:

Part 1: Overview

This section introduces the basic information about street youth, the dangers they face with when living and working on the streets.

Part 2: How to approach street youth

This section introduces the knowledge and skills that a street educator needs to access and build solid relationships with street youth.

Part 3: How to communicate effectively with street youth

This section introduces the communication operation skills in small groups, advice on how to design a small group communication sessions and give information to youth street efficiently.

The handbook “Working with street youth” was designed based on home and abroad references for youth or street youth; and edited, applied with the most relevant content of street youth in Vietnam.

We are looking forward to receiving feedbacks. If you have any comments, please send them to the following address:

Research Centre for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD)

Address: Room 805, A Buidling, Mipec Tower, 229 Tay Son