the cooperation agreement aims at “promoting an enabling development environment for vietnamese CSOs”

In 2017, Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) and the Institute for Leadership in School and Public Policy (ViLEAP) of the National Political Academy Ho Chi Minh (NPA) signed a cooperation agreement within the CSOs inspirational program – “Promote a favorable development environment for Vietnamese social organizations”. This agreement aims at maintaining efforts that improve advocacy capacity and create policies for social organization; supporting and improving the effective participation of social organizations in contributing to the development of the Law on Associations in particular and the favorable legal framework to the development of social organization in general.

Initially, ViLEAP and MSD designed cooperative activities, including training courses, seminars and consultancy for government staffs studying at the Institute with the following specific objectives: (1) Introduce the role and contribution of social organizations to Master training courses for increasing understandings among government staffs;(2) Improve the understandings of local government staffs about the role of social organizations in contributing to the community, strengthening the link between government and social organizations for creating a favorable development environment for social organizations; (3) Create mutual understanding opportunities between local authorities and social organizations as a basis to build agreement towards cooperation; and (4) Participate in professional input on MSD training content.

There are six key activities in the cooperative process conducted mainly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (tentative).

•Integrate, introduce knowledge of social organization, policy advocacy and development support of local social organizations to ViLEAP’s participants;
• MSD will also participate in 10 teaching unit per term/per class/per campus on the topic of organizational structure, role of social organizations, advocacy policy and creating a favorable environment for social organization development among students enrolling in the Master of Public Policy at the Institute.
• Organize a quick survey to assess the quality of the lectures related to the topics of social organization, thereby gaining experience for the following courses. MSD will work with VILEAP to create evaluation forms.
• Providing professional advice on relevant issues for training programs. ViLEAP participates in providing professional views on MSD training content for quality measurement.
• Organizing 03 interconnection workshops with the participation of representatives from state agencies and social organizations in Hanoi, Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City.
• Building libraries with ViLEAP: MSD selects studies and materials on social organizations to promote the understanding of social organizations. MSD will provide ViLEAP with knowledge development category on social organizations.