The Speech of Vietnam Non-Governmental Organizations in Vietnam Development Forum in December 2017 “Enhancing Productivity – Leverage for Sustainable Development”



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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Chairing Committee, ladies and gentlemen

We, Vietnamese civil society organizations (VCSOs), very much appreciate the efforts of the Government to organize Vietnam Development Forum 2017 with topic “Enhancing Productivity – Leverage for Sustainable Development”. We prepared a full statement in the materials already. In this short speech, we would like focus on creating shared value (CSV) and partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs). This is considered as recognized “theory to success”, “solution for the future, global trend for the enterprises to integrate social issues and challenges into the process of creating economic value of the business. In the context of international integration, Vietnamese enterprises need to make efforts to change the modern business method and reach the levels of CSV, creating social impacts. To achieve it, enterprises should:

  • First, approach diverse community groups and “leave no one behind”, maximize local resources to reach the “value chain” performance, establish status and trust amongst the community, internal and external customers, improve business environment and environmental and social benefit, as well as help achieve long-term vision and position of the business;
  • Second, developing ethical business, ensuring equality in accessing investment for different groups, business types and scale, ensuring gender equality and in the benefits from productivity growth;
  • Third, business ensuring human rights, especially labor rights in (1) stable income for employess; (2) Occupational safety for workers; (3) employment protection; (4) investment in training and improving skills for laborers; and (4) rights to form, join independent labor unions.
  • Forth, productivity growth should ensure environment protection responsibility. At present, rapid industrial development and the attraction of foreign investment at all costs have had a negative impact on the environment and society. This trade-off in the long run will pose a risk of economic instability since the cost of dealing with the consequences will be much greater. We recommend to set up basic system of social-environmental standards, policies and codes for protection, encouraging good practice of protection and punishment for negative impact action to environment. To ensure that, we need to develop the consultation mechanism, information transparency with the participation, monitoring and evaluation of community and local CSOs;
  • Fifth, enterprises should take efforts in improving business environment, advocating for local community organizations and creating environmental and social benefits.

In order to assist enterprises in achieving the above shared value creation, we recommend: (1) developing a strategic business support roadmap for adaptation and development; (2) promoting partnership between businesses and local CSOs – which are the partners that both support and monitor and independently evaluate the process of creating the social impact of the businesses; (3) promoting an enabling development environment for cooperation between the two sectors which are enterprises and CSOs (for example, policies encouraging cooperation, tax incentives, etc.) in order to have a lasting positive impact for enterprises, economy and social development.


Thank you very much!

Speech given by Ms. Linh Phuong Nguyen – Executive Director

Research Center of Management and Sustainable Development (MSD)