Roles and experience of Civil Social Organizations in development

On May 26th, Institute of Leadership and Public Policy and Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) co-hosted the workshop “Role and experience of Vietnamese social organizations in development” in order to share knowledge and reality of the roles, experience and activities of Vietnamese CSOs in national development.

The workshop welcomed participation of representatives from Institute of Leadership and Public Policy Vileap, Centre for Marine life Conservation and Community Development (MCD), Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC), Viet Rural Enterprise Development Center (VietED) and other interested individuals, organizations.

Mentioning the role of CSOs in development, Dr. Bui Phuong Dinh, Director of Institute of Leadership and Public Policy Vileap affirmed: “CSOs play the role of a channel conveying opinions, aspirations of the people. It is not a loudspeaker or a straight line, it conveys those aspirations, issues and turns them into suggestions of solution. This expresses the contribution of CSOs and policy counseling organizations in terms of knowledge resources. Gradually, policy stories should express clearly the participation of CSOs, in which beneficiaries should also voice out their opinions in the policy making process”.

CSOs help implement effectively the social development following socialist orientation. They are a dynamic and important force in filling the holes in the market economy by eradicating hunger and reducing poverty, protecting culture identity, preventing social illnesses, launching good and effective models in these areas, and promoting social development.

Besides, CSOs also join the labour market, solve the employment issues for the poor, the disabled, the disadvantaged, for who suffer from natural disasters and newly graduated students. This is one of key great roles of CSOs. They are proactively taking part in handling social issues such as participating in socializing medical, educational, cultural, sport, science activities.

Ms. Phuong Linh Nguyen, Director of Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) shared the reality of the development environment for Vietnamese CSOs; despite some certain obstacles, especially legal ones, “we, civil social organizations, still manage to find out some ways to give realistic support to the society.”

The 2nd phase of the workshop discussed the Reality in contribution of CSOs in development. Ms. Thu Hue Nguyen, Director of Centre for Marine life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) shared her organization’s viewpoint on “The participation of NGOs in environment administration”. MCD itself is a Vietnamese NGO that takes the lead in protecting marine ecosystem, strives for sustainable ecosystems and high-quality livelihoods for coastal communities, especially vulnerable communities. MCD has launched main programs such as: Resources and climate change management; Fisheries – community’s mean of living and some other programs.

Moreover, at the workshop, there were the introduction about Method for Micro-finance implementation of VietED – the combination between development and business; the maintenance of social target from development group and business approach from group of enterprises; the sharing on “Experience of CSOs in providing social services and policy advocacy for the disabled” of ACDC.

MSD Team