Development Effectiveness Newsletter for CSOs – Volume 07/2016

Dear readers,
Welcome you to the Development Effectiveness Newsletter, volume 07 released by Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development (MSD).

With the CSO-DE corner, the newsletter updates you the latest information about the program Inspiring CSOs 2016. Compared with 2015, both quality and quantity of applications this year show many improvements. Besides, VietED – organization with best practice on transparency and accountabilities in 2015 also shared their experiences in Inspiring CSOs journey.

In the CSO- PA corner, we go over some key points of The First Annual Conference: The roles of civil social organizations in developing society, economy, and culture in Vietnam. Specially, the space for CSOs’ development will be discussed.

In the CSO-HREP, DMAP- an initiative by Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) and Hoa Sen University- Ho Chi Minh city to assist people with disabilities is mentioned.

With the Knowledge Hub, the newsletter introduces some Vietnamese CSOs’ practice on applying information and communication technology in development process.

Finally, do not miss the Useful Information to update MSDupcoming activities.


Download Development Effectiveness Newsletter for CSOs – Volume 07/2015 here