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Warmly welcome to the Development Effectiveness Newsletter for CSOs by Research Center for Management And Sustainable Development (MSD), volume 09.2016.

In the CSO-DE corner, let’s get the latest updates in the Inspiring CSO 2016 including many informative training sessions for the organizations. As the Following, we would like to present you an inspiring story by Center for Community Capacity Development (CYCAD), which was recognized as the organization with best practice on Transparency and Accountability – Category: Small in Inspiring CSOs 2015.

With CSO-PA, we go over some key points of The annual conference for civil society organizations 2016 under the theme: “For a sustainable development”. This event emphasized the opportunities and challenges that CSOs in Vietnam are facing with.

In the CSO-HREP, we will update you on the training about Vietnamese addiction practitioners in KhanhHoa – Break the Circle Project.

Especially, Mr. Son Truong Pham – Deputy Director of LIN Center would share his information and knowledge after his summer call on the Law of People with Disability in Ireland in Knowledge Hub.

We truly hope that the Development Effectiveness Newsletter for CSOs by MSD will always be a useful companion for you.

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