Appraisal process at CSOs participating in INSPIRING CSOs 2017

After the Application round, INSPIRING CSOs 2017 received application forms from 37 organizations from all over the country (18 Northern, 9 Central  and 10 Southern organizations), including 27 CSOs,, 8 microeconomic organizations and 2 social enterprises.

Up to the end of May, MSD has reviewed 20 organizations which register to attend the program of good practice on accountability and transparency. The review components for the organizations participating INSPIRING CSOs 2017 include: Organization governance, Project/Program management, Human resources management, Financial Management and Communication – Fundraising.

After the appraisal, this year participants have the following features:

  • Good governance structure
  • Fairly completed system of domestic documents of Administration – Finance – Human resources
  • The mechanism of cooperation and connection with partners, beneficiaries and donors
  • Flexibility and dynamicity in approaching to sponsorship

However, there are still limitations. Most of CSOs have difficulties in Communication and Fundraising.. Specifically, there is no clear communication and fundraising plan, no Communication officer, no mission of fundraising being ruled out clearly in the organization’s regulation, and no variety in sources of sponsorship. The second limitation is Project/program management.  It is partially due to the decrease in sources of sponsorship.

But most organizations approach to implementing projects,   instead of program development.  Another limitation is human resources structure. Organizations reflected some typical limitations such as not creating optimal management structure based on functions, missions and tasks division; personnel fluctuation; policy of training and developing human resources; identifying job placement and job description…

“Most organizations meet the basic and above requirements of INSPIRING CSOs 2017. The program recognized some of typical cases of finance management, cooperation in implementing programs in community with the participation of the community, flexibility and initiation in fundraising and varying sources of sponsorship. The program experiences a change featuring the participation of social enterprises”, said Mr Nguyen Toan Thinh, Independent Appraiser of the program.

After the appraisal, MSD will start an appraisal report and Training/Coaching activities for the participants of INSPIRING CSOs 2017, including training on “Developing fundraising strategy and model”, training series on organization development TAP Coach, launching online training courses MEUP and online crowdfunding Vietgiving.

MSD Team