CSO-DE: Development Effectiveness

MSD assists to enhance the capacity of effective developing practice for CSO through: (i) Creating Eco-system for CSOs; (ii) Building Online CSO Community of Practice; (iii) Building up CSO funding platform.

CSO-PA: Policy Advocacy

MSD contributes to promote an enabling environment for CSO development through (i) Supporting the development of Action for CSO Development Alliance Vietnam (CSA Vietnam); (iii) Conducting researches on self-development of CSOs and enabling environment for CSOs; and (iv) Creating invited spaces for effective policy pratice dialogues.

CSOP: CSOs Partnerhsip

MSD promote the partnership between CSOs and its strategic development partners through: (i) Enhancing aid transparency relationship; (ii) Promoting the network and relationship between CSOs and state agancies; (iii) Developing the pro- bono programs between CSOs and private sector.

”Vietfamily” Program

To promote the rights of marginalized groups, especially children, youth, women and people with disabilities through supplying intervention services
Major interventions are:
– Supporting street and migrant groups: Focusing on transferring system, supporting the process to make personal documents, advocate for the rights to have personal identification papers.
– Preventing violence, substance abuse and child sexual abuse through (i) Raising awareness through media mobilization with creative methods; (ii) Providing counseling services and psychological support for children and families; and (iii) Documenting and coordinating advocacy works at both national and international level
– Building capacity for organizations of people with disabilities and to help disabled people access to inclusive education.