STRATEGY 2013 – 2018

Goal: To increase development effectiveness of CSOs and to promote the implementation of human rights.

Intermediate objectives:

  • To enhance development effectiveness for CSOs;
  • To contribute to improve enabling environment for CSO development;
  • To contribute to human rights promotion and protection, particularly the vulnerable groups (children, migration, streets and PWDs groups)

Expected results:

MSD focuses its efforts and resources in several key scoped areas of results as the followings:

  • Development Effectiveness;
  • Policy Advocacy;
  • Human rights

1. Development Effectiveness:

1.1. DE principle understood and applied in Vietnam

1.2. Strengthened capacity in implementation of DE principles relating to transparency and accountability, and resources mobilization

1.3. Transparency rating system applied in CS community

Development effectiveness principles and organizational development strategy Transparency and Accountability Initiatives (TAI) & capacity building
Code on transparency and mutual accountability (TAG Code) Transparent and accountable governance (TAG) certificate system
Awards for NGOs with best TAG Effective resource mobilization


2. Policy Advocacy:

2.1. Strengthened capacity in policy advocacy, strategic planning for the development of CSOs, and evaluation

2.2. Active networks among CSOs and between CSOs with other relevant stakeholders

2.3. Well-prepared and facilitated processes and campaigns of policy advocacy

Evidence-based policy advocacy

– capacity building

Enabling environment index – EE index
CSO participation in Law making process, monitoring and evaluation Non-profit law
CSO – Resource center Networking & dialogues


3. Human rights:

3.1. Improved awareness and capacity of relevant stakeholders about the rights and implementation of rights of human rights

3.2. Improved legal framework for implementation of rights of vulnerable groups (children, migrant and street, and people with disabilities)

3.3. Awareness of the vulnerable groups on rights and support for their rights implementation (legal issues, mental and physical health care, reproductive healthcare)

Human rights education CSO participation in Law making process, monitoring and evaluation
Justice assessment Mental and physical health
Capacity building Networking & dialogues